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BodyWave™ Antenna

Designed for wearables

Our BodyWave™ antenna range is designed with the challenges of wearable wireless communications in mind. Increased radiation efficiency, increased detuning immunity and our unique BodyWave™ propagation combine to support communication links even in the most challenging of enviornments.

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A major problem with all wireless wearables that we help to solve is the issue of body blocking. This is when the human body blocks the wireless transmission path, meaning the signal can drop out as the radio waves created by existing antennas are reflected or absorbed by the human body.

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BodyWave™ solves this by generating waves that flow efficiently around the body and support a communication link even when the body is blocking the signal.

Compact and powerful

The BodyWave antenna is an On-Ground SMD antenna component optimised for wearable applications. The BodyWave antenna can produce BodyWaves which can help facilitate wireless communications when there is no direct line of sight with both on-body and off-body receivers.

Our BodyWave™ antenna technology is significantly better suited to wearable applications than the existing commercially available general purpose off-the-shelf antennas. BodyWave™ antennas are designed to increase coverage in directions obscured by the human body, with 10 dB – 20 dB increased link budget in those directions when compared to existing commercially available chip and printed antennas.

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10-20 dB
increase in NLoS link budget
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360 degree coverage

Standard body-mounted antennas experience large nulls in the radiation pattern caused by shadowing from the human body. BodyWave™ helps reduce drop-out giving excellent range and reliability in unpredictable and dynamic applications

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Compact size

A compact form factor makes BodyWave™ easily integrable into miniaturised wearable devices

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The antenna has high radiation efficiency despite its miniature size, even in close proximity with the human body and on small ground planes

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The BodyWave™ antenna is extremely resistant to detuning caused by close human body proximity, a major issue with antennas in wearable applications which can cause unpredictable wireless performance

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Significantly reduced power consumption compared to high TX power amplifier solutions currently used to address body shadowing

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Real-time data

BodyWave antenna technology can ensure reliable real-time data acquisition for full-story analysis and reporting

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Rapid deployment

Fully compatible with existing chipsets. Our seamless integration process and product support get you up and running quickly with minimal RF expertise

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Reduce materials due to single antenna system and removing the need for amplifier

Enabling the next gen of wearables

The success of AntennaWare™ has been built in partnership with our partners as we deliver solutions for more reliable devices with increasingly consistent performance.

With the reduction of detrimental Non Line-of-Sight effects, many previously impossible applications can now be realised. The increased range, reliability, and 360-degree coverage enable a wide range of applications, particularly in real-time data acquisition and wireless localisation.

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Highly regarded for our seamless integration, our proven assesment to deployment process ensures excellent user experience for both product teams and the end-user.

  • We support customers with integration and layout recommendations.
  • We offer test and measurement characterisation of our customers equipment using our in-house wireless wearable testbeds to help improve their wireless performance.
  • We also offer matching network, transmission line, RF circuitry, etc design services for our customers products.
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